The Internet Under Ceej: Have A Taste Of My Internet Conquest...

You'll Be Sorry You Asked When We Tell You Who The Ceej Is.


If you've been on the internet for any period of time, you've probably heard of The Ceej.  But what do you know about him?  Here's what we know.

The Ceej has been a resident of the internet for as long as he can remember. He's an established writer and comedian and, to date, has been able to convert that writing into both song and video.

The Ceej got his roots in song parody when his mother put in a "Weird Al" Yankovic cassette tape on a family holiday.  After a few years of study and experimentation, he finally grasped the concept of parody and began to do it himself, beginning in 1999. Since 2009, he's been selling commercial albums of his song parodies.  Weird Al himself owns autographed copies of two of them.

In November, 2008, The Ceej began making parody videos for YouTube, and later for his website. Not as frequent because of the high overhead, they are something enjoyed by him and fans alike.  They include such pieces as The Hitchhiker Murderer and Disciplinary Action.

Over the years, The Ceej has also tried his hand at web administration, satirical editorials (which have been published in two continents as well as his own website), photography (which was financially successful, but not The Ceej's passion), dramatic short stories, and stand up comedy.

The Ceej started his stand up career in July, 2013.  He was very successful at it at first, which such popular bits as Semantic Complacency, Stupidity Of Advertising, and Boswer Koopa: Bumbling Fool.  The following October, he decided he didn't enjoy doing stand up as much anymore, but decided to continue doing live performances with his parody music, including parodies which aren't on any of his records. To this day, this is what you'll likely see The Ceej do, if you see him life..  You may still occasionally see him perform stand-up sets, but he puts most of his effort into song parodies.  He'll usually post his gig dates and locations on his Facebook page.

The Ceej's works have been supported by many people including, but not limited to Ankh Infinitus, Alan Holman, Ally Ward, Daniel Kolle, Dave Stone, Dawm Osborne, Jeremy Johnson, Jill Woods, Joseph Bodkin, Matt Ward, Myq Kaplan, Rick Thomason, Jill Woods, Samantha Rowell, Scott Eason, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.  Unfortunately, there are too many names to list them all here, but The Ceej appreciates every one of them.

The Ceej is now at a point in his career when strangers in public are asking for photos with him and autographs on a relatively regular basis.  It doesn't happen enough to annoy him, but it does happen enough to make him feel appreciated.

There will always be an element of mystery and even we don't know how old he is or what governments think his name is. We just call him The Ceej like everyone else.  We have also promised not to reveal his physical location. He made us promise to say he doesn't have one. That he resides only on the internet. So, yeah. That. To learn more about his work, click below to go to The Ceej Online.


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