You'll Be Sorry You Asked Who The Ceej Is...


You've probably heard the name before, or seen something he did, but what do you really know about The Ceej? Here's what we know.

The Ceej was born in 1782 in Manchester, UK to parents A Ceej and Another Ceej. Years later, after moving to the United States, he learned the joy of making people laugh at the age of 9, after putting a receipt holder on Mrs. Townbody's chair. We're sure she would agree that was hilarious, were she still with us today.

It wasn't long after that Ceej discovered "Weird Al" Yankovic, the undisputed King of Parody, and resolved to be just like him. By 1999, The Ceej had some of his first comedy bits worked out. These killer bits included Mr. Stupid & Mr. Retarded and a Gangsta's Paradise parody about special ed. What could possibly go wrong?

By 2009, having finally grasped the basic concepts of parody and music, The Ceej finally out a comedy CD almost worth listening to. Of course, he has improved since then, and Weird Al himself owns autographed copies of three of his albums.

In November, 2008, The Ceej began making parody videos for YouTube, and later for his website. Some of them are pretty fun. For example, The Hitchhiker Murderer and Disciplinary Action.

Over the years, The Ceej has also tried his hand at web administration, satirical editorials, photography, dramatic short stories, and stand up comedy, to varying degrees of success

You may still occasionally see Ceej do stand-up, but it will probably just be to tie song parodies together when performing live.  He'll usually post his gig dates and locations on his Facebook page.

The Ceej's works have been supported by many people including, but not limited to Ankh Infinitus, Ally Ward, Dave Stone, Dawn Osborne, Insane Ian, Izzy Miller, Jeremy Johnson, Jill Wood, Joseph Bodkin, Joshua Bush, Klayton Hodges, Matt Ward, Myq Kaplan, Rick Thomason, Rob Paravonian, and "Weird Al" Yankovic.  Unfortunately, there are too many names to list them all here, but The Ceej appreciates every one of them.

The Ceej is now at a point in his career when strangers in public are asking for photos with him and autographs on a relatively regular basis.  It doesn't happen enough to annoy him, but it does happen enough to make him feel appreciated. One time, we kid you not, a fan asked to wear The Ceej's cape, and then zoomed around the place like an aeroplane.

The Ceej will continue on strong as a comedian and only grow from here. He will peform, among other places, on The Tonight Show, The Late Show, and The Daily Show. He will become a big household name, and the phrase, "pull a Ceej," will mean the same thing, "you do you" does today.

Of course, it will all end in March, 2214 when The Ceej dies in a tragic accident upon catching his tie in the bellows of a friend's accordion, but his funeral will be a blast! To learn more about his work, visit The Ceej Online.





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